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Art space: Sotirakos Marios

Here coexist the art of applications with this visual arts.
Interior Design – Decoration, handmade arts.
Marios Sotirakos is a graduate of the department of Interior Arschitecture and decoration
of T.E.I. ATHENS (higher education).

Founding member of the official Accotiation of

Workshop studies decorative design of professional spaces-homes
since 1993. As well as an interior designer, he is actives in the visual and applied arts.
Painting, sculptures, ceramics, copperplate, handcrafted, are same of his creation.

He has worked with publishers, for book illustrations.
(Member of Greek illustrators archive e.ke.bi.gr). The period 2003 – 2011 he served in
public education as a visual arts teacher.

The artist appreciates the contribution of Greek folk
art and tradition, which sometimes is an inspiration for him.
His latest creation is a unique collection which represents scenes from
historical figures of the War of Greek Independence (1821–32). More about this special collection you may find in his GALLERY section (two parts/links).

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